Friday, October 17, 2008

Taylor, Sponge Bob and photography....

IT WAS SO FUNNY....I walked in the house Tuesday night after writing my bog about getting Taylor watching Sponge Bob and possibly putting her in a Memory mate. You know what the first thing that kid said to me was? "HEY MOM! GUESS WHAT!?!? Sponge Bob is on and it's a TOTALLY NEW EPISODE!!' I almost peed my pants. Went and got my camera and here is my baby watching Sponge Bob. No Memory Mate....sorry.

NO....she does not normally sit next to the TV like this....I made her move there so YOU could see SPONGE BOB!!!

Playing the clarinet....this is a rare sighting of a clarinet playing little girl!

Then, I saw a blog a few days ago about handing your camera to someone and having them take a few pictures to see the world from their viewpoint. All my girls love to take picture with my camera so last night I let Taylor have a go of it. Here is what she took. She is actually a pretty good photographer!

I guess the guys head is not important.'s what see shes in the world, remember?!

Pretty trees and leaves. She gets art, I think.

Happy Friday everyone!!!

JC is my BFF....

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