Monday, October 27, 2008

Sneak peek....

Yesterday. Was. Windy.

For whatever reason it's nearly impossible to get all three of my girls in one place, clean and presentable at the same stinkin' time. One is always dirty from soccer or just in general not clean. Or, one is away with friends, with their dad or sleeping and grumpy. So...yesterday was the day. I didn't care that it was cold and we were experiencing winds in excess of 70 mph. OUR CHRISTMAS CARD PICTURE WAS GOING TO BE TAKEN. Alli wasn't feeling well and missed a soccer game but oh well....I was on a mission. :)

We went to Hanging Rock Park in Redfield just down the road from my house. Nothing spectacular until you get to the back of the tiny park and see the river and the "hanging rocks". Made them sit, smile and snap. Only Taylor was crying....she really is not a fan of cold....and Carli and Alli were yelling at her 'cuz she was "making it take longer"! Oh the joy of taking a Christmas picture...all so other people can see how wonderful your children are all the time. HA.

Anyway, finally Carli got Taylor laughing by trying to poke me with a stick behind my back. She actually got me once on accident and it HURT. Needless to say she put the stick down. Their individual pictures turned out great. Our group shot....not so wonderful, but I'm ok with that. I secretly didn't want in it anyway. :) After only 15 minutes at the park, here is our Christmas card. Please act shocked when you get it in the mail.

JC is my BFF....

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