Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New look...

Check it out....turns out I only like dark, deep blog backgrounds. Decided to try something a bit different when my 10 year old daughter said yesterday, "Mom, were you goth when you were growing up?" I choked on my Dr. Pepper and asked why. She had seen my blog at her dad's and said it looked like I was really into black. Huh. Since I don't want to seem prejudice towards any color, I found this blog background and decided to go for a change. I like it....so far. Even though it doesn't have much color either. :)

I also found these pictures while going through some old pics of mine to get ready for the craft and art show coming up in November that I am participating in. With the weather seeming to turn rather quickly these days (I swear when it was raining today it looked like snow....NAUGHTY WORD, I know!). Nothing like some pretty flowers to brighten your day....you can almost smell the lilacs, huh? And really...whoda thought that chives were so pretty???

JC is my BFF!

Chives in the garden....NO...I did not plant these. They were there before me! If you don't know, I have an AMAZING green thumb...to grow weeds. Very large weeds. Don't be a hater...it's my God-given talent.
Chives in black and white....

Lilacs....we have two of the four sides of my property loaded with lilac bushes (That is a TON of them in case you have no idea that I live on nearly 5 acres). They are beautiful for the 2.5 days they bloom every year. Totally worthless the rest of the time. Ok....that was a bit harsh, but give me a break. Why can't they bloom a little longer!?

Lilacs in black & white....

P.S. Stacie and Brad's engagement photos will be up soon....I was too stinkin' tired last night to work on them!! Sorry.... :/

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