Monday, October 13, 2008

One more then that is it for the day....

Lots to say today! Just wanted to post two more new "Memory Mates" that I created over the teams more options. Red one is Alli....yes that is my kid in the YELLOW with the rest of her team in their proper uniform. She is the goalie and I guess she thinks she can wear whatever she wants.

Carli being all Carli-like.

And FYI all you people wondering where the heck a picture of Taylor is on this blog....well, she dislikes soccer very much and just isn't on a team to partake in the cool Memory Mates. As soon as I get a good picture of her watching Sponge Bob or reading or practicing her clarinet (which she RARELY does), I will create a cool Memory Mate for her too. :)

JC is my BFF!

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Gwenn M. said...

I'm so impressed with all you're doing with your photography. And I'm glad you finally put your photo on your blog!!!! I'm praying for you and Carrie--the Lord will bless us in His time. Feel free to e-mail me