Monday, September 22, 2008

Stadium shots -- 2 seniors and a little sis....

Yesterday we finished the senior pictures for Steph and Kelsi at the Waukee's pretty new and I think the pictures turned out great. Kelsi's mom has had me take action shots of her youngest son Trevor and figured since Kelsi and Trevor had some pictures, she better get some of her 10 year old daughter Hallie too! I love families with lots of kids. :) See below my favorites of Steph, Kelsi and Hallie....

Tonight it's me and 60 or so soccer super stars in the VSA of Waukee U9 Academy program! I get to (yes...I consider myself lucky to get to do this!) take the team and individual pictures of each of the Academy kids. These are kids, boys and girls, who have a love of soccer and talent above the regular recreational level but too young to play at the competitive level....meaning they are talented ( Carli is one of them!). They are learning like crazy, getting better and better each week and will someday be playing some where in Major League Soccer....I just know it. Lucky for me to get to shoot them when they are little peanuts! :)

Meet Hallie....

Homecoming was last Friday at Waukee...the stadium hadn't been cleaned up yet (it was yucky) but Hallie sure had fun!


Have I said yet how much I L.O.V.E. black and white???

My sweet and innocent can a kid look??

As always....JC is my BFF!

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