Friday, September 26, 2008


Here is what turned out from the shoot of 60 soccer stars and their teams Monday night. Learned a few things and it's your lucky day....I'm gonna share them!

1) 9 year old girls are WAAYY more well behaved than 9 year old boys. I guess I knew that before but only having girls, I truly am clueless as to the difference in maturity levels between them at that age! Only wanted to hurt one kid.... JUST KIDDING....sorta....

2) If you try to be organized, you won't be. I only know about 6 of the 60 kids so I was seriously worried about matching Johnny So&so's order with his cute little picture so I wrote each frame number by their name on my roster. Only thing is...I didn't figure out that was the way to go until I was over half way done. Der...have I told any of you lately that I am blond?? And proud of it, by the way, but blond none the less.

3) If you do it, they will come. dream of a photography business is NOT lining up a bunch of kids in poses and charging their parents reasonable fees to do something they certainly could do themselves. It appears that the "posing and printing" business is a good money maker, though. Huh...while I'd rather be taking shots of the beauty in our world, God has given me several opportunities lately to do shoots that make me money to pay the bills. Who am I to turn that business down (ok...truth is I asked for this gig)? God has a plan, God has a plan, God has a plan....that's my battle cry these days. :)

4) Yes....I have mad skills on PhotoShop. DO NOT ASK ME FOR TIPS. I just closed my eyes clicked here, clicked here and the above "Memory Mate" appeared. God is soooo good to me. :)

That's it. All orders are printed (I pick them up today) and will be delivered to parents next week. I still can't believe how smooth this has all gone. AND...I got to hang out with all the little future MLS stars. I will be keeping these on file so when they are famous maybe I can get a gig taking their posed photos then too. :0


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