Thursday, September 4, 2008

Meals from the Heartland

** 9/8/08 -- NOTE: Heard on the news this morning that they ended the campaign early because instead of packaging 3,000,000 meals they packaged 4,000,000 and completed it two days before the campaign was to end!! GOD IS GOOD! every once in a while we are all presented with an opportunity to give back or help somone in need, right? Well today we were presented that opportunity and today we did. I believe that God gives us these chances to show our love of Christ and the choice is ours to take it or leave it.

Meals from the Heartland is a group here in Des Moines that organized a very large program with a goal to feed 3,000,000 people around the world. Seriously. The "event" goes from September 1-9 and our firm pulled together a team of 8 people to go help package meals. In each package is soy protein, dried veggies, a vitamin and rice. One bag will feed 6 people a meal. Each box holds 36 bags. Our group of 8 from my office packed 22 boxes....that's right. Eight people worked for 2.5 hours and made enough bags to feed 4,752 people in a starving country one meal. CRAZY. Below are some pictures of my group....we looked like lunch ladies. Oh....each volunteer was asked to bring a non-perishable item to give to our local food bank too....pretty cool stuff if you ask me.

Couldn't help but think of how Jesus fed thousands with just a few fish and some bread while we were working today. God works in the coolest of ways. My only hope was that every person who gets to eat a meal not only has a full belly but a full heart when they are done. I pray that each and every one has hope for their future and comes to know God through this. I also pray for all the volunteers who are doing this....God can and will take care of His children.

The "Lunch Ladies"...that's me second from the right in the white in the back (the tall one...) this video. I can't believe how God works. I'm a little speachless (but evidentially still able to write). I clicked on another blog after I initially posted this and this is the video on her blog TODAY. It fits so perfectly and is footage from South doubt where some of the food we packaged will go. I LOVE IT WHEN GOD DOES THAT. All things are tied together and He speaks in such amazing ways. I have goosebumps on top of goosebumps. :)

JC is my BFF.

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Anonymous said...

MOM-i did this last year, it really is the best feeling ever! anyways, i read your blog about everyday because it's SUPER inspiring. you're amazinggggg

LOVE, stephanie "elizabeth" :D