Monday, September 15, 2008

Funny stuff....

So this might not be funny to you....but it made me and my daughter laugh! Alli (she will be 16 in a few short weeks....I KNOW) is goalie for a two soccer teams....yesterday she played in Johnston with her high school team. Most of you don't know my daughter but she is a NUT. I mean that in the nicest way possible. She has a personality that I happen to love very much....she is a lot like me. :) We are both (mostly when we are together) goofy and cracking each other up with stupid comments, faces, etc.

She has a knack for using her two front teeth in bad ways. She once, while playing hide and seek at her friends house a few years ago, tripped and landed with her two front teeth IN THE GROUND. Not kidding...totally true story. We thought it was a freak thing, but evidentially she has a talent for it. A week or so ago, while trying to get me out of the drivers seat so she could drive, she ran SMACK into the drivers side window...WITH HER TWO FRONT TEETH. I never laughed so hard. Then yesterday, while in the goal, she came flying out to stop a ball, landed on her face and spit out dirt and grass. I KID YOU NOT. She really does have a talent for it. Below are photos.....You gotta love that kid. Her response to the whole thing? "Grass and dirt don't taste as bad as you'd think, mom"....that makes me feel better. At least she will never go hungry. :)

JC is my BFF!

Butt up, face down....graceful little thing, she is, but she does get the job done...

She got the ball...and you can see by her face she is reacting to the grass and dirt...I bet with a little ranch dressing she'da swallowed it. :)

Her teammate explaining what she saw....

And Alli's reaction when I told her I caught it on camera....At least she can laugh at herself!

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