Friday, February 13, 2009

My Sweet Valentine.....

So tomorrow is THE day. The dreaded day that comes, as a single person, to smack you on the head and remind you of how lonely you are. The wonderful day that comes, as a person in love, to skip around and be all giddy.

I dislike the IDEA of Valentine's Day. A lot actually.

Nothing like only one day a year showing the person you love that you LOVE them. Seems so silly to me. BUT....I sorta get it too. It is kinda nice to be reminded. Only I'd much prefer to be reminded everyday. Not with flowers or candy or perfume, etc., but with the small things. A sweet text, a voicemail, a whisper of sweet nothing in the ear. You get what I'm saying.

But this year.....this year is different. I am NOT a person who skips and is giddy. Trust me on this. BUT....I AM SKIPPING AND GIDDY! I am! Here is why:

His name is Mark. He has a halo. He's not perfect....but he's perfect for me.

First and foremost, he is a Believer. Then, he is so many things I am not.

He is sweet. He is so stinkin' funny....I laugh until my side aches almost daily. He is quickly becoming one of my best friends. He is very cute. He has tattoos that represent his love for God and he is not afraid to tell you who saved him. He is a dad to a 15 year old daughter....I'm learning he is the dad I wish I had growing up. She is VERY lucky to have him. He faithfully and fully gives of himself to our church - working in the 3rd and 4th grade kids ministry classroom, facilitates "Financial Peace University" and anything else they may ask him to do. He doesn't like black olives but is ok with my obsession with them. He sees my ADD not as a bad thing....."full of energy" is what I think he once called me. He touches my face in a very nice, soft way. He sees me for who I am....not who he wants me to be.

He is the "round peg" in a world FULL of square ones.

We started out as friends, ya know. Not interested in anything more than that....just enjoying each others company. But God had different plans.

So today.....and everyday that I get to be lucky to call him my man....I will thank God for the answered prayers. I will keep learning everyday how to show Mark my heart. I will give of myself in ways that I cannot even imagine how to do. I will continue to seek God first in all things, this relationship included. I will be faithful and not fearful and love 'til I have nothing left. What happens after that, only God knows.

Happy Valentines Day to my Sweet Valentine, Mark. U da bomb, baby. Fo sho, fo sho.



Sunshine said...

How very very sweet!

Frisbies Forever said...

That was really nice. I wish you all the best! You deserve it! I really wish you could meet my family! We should do that.

Travis said...

I have very similar views on Valentine's Day myself.

But, I'm excited for you with your possitive relationship. God is good, and it's evident in they way you smiled as you typed these words!

Billy Coffey said...

Excited and happy for you. Congratulations...and happy Valentine's Day.

sharilyn said...

what a wonderful tribute to one whom you love and who obviously loves you as well! i am happy for you...and rejoice with you in your GIDDINESS! :) giddy is good!

God is good!

(word verification today: dicat -- what i am caught yelling to the neighborhood stray cat when it once more wakens me in the middle of the night with its unholy and hair-raising screams!)