Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Almost worry free....

"Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?"
~ Matthew 6:27

I soooo wish I was worry free. I'm not. I'm the biggest worry wart you will EVER meet. I don't know why, really. Mostly because of how I was raised, I think. Middle child. Only girl. Never had a chance.

But today, God told me something. He reminded me (boy....I need a lot of reminding) that He is here. Why waste my time worrying when He has it already handled? I can't handle things any better than He can so....STOP WORRYING.

It's really like telling someone to stop smoking. Now. Right this second. It's not that is as easy as making a decision and going with it.

So today.....I stopped worrying. And what do you know? IT WORKED. I received some answers to questions that I had about my job security. I learned that my church is going to allow me to start up the 5th grade ministry again (GULP) and run with my ideas. I learned that letting go of some serious worry makes way for some serious open doors.

I also worry about my relationship. How will it go? What will happen? I am so bad at them. Truly. But God reminded me of that too. He has all that worked out and I am learning....."A quick study" He called me. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride, He said. He showed me a little of the path I have come down then turned me around and showed me the path down which I am headed. He is so good. He knows just what to let me see, right when I need to see it.

As of this very moment, I am ALMOST worry free. Give me a break.....I am a mom you know! I can't stop worrying about EVERYTHING but I can give EVERYTHING to God. I'm gonna let Him have it because this momma has a ride to enjoy! I will throw my hands up and scream like a little girl on this rollercoaster of a life. Why? Because God is the seatbelt that is securely holding me in.

JC is my BFF!


Sunshine said...

I got a "worry stone" one time for a friend. It was a small, smooth little stone that you're supposed to carry around in your pocket. It had enscribed on it - "Let go, and let God".

So simple and yet, SOOOOO hard.

Jennifer said...

What a cool thing -- to begin to break free from worry. I've been such a victim of worry. Also, I want to tell you how much I love the song that you play on your blog here. It's always so fun to come here, and know that song will begin to play. Cool ....

Billy Coffey said...

I have at various times literally worried myself sick. It's something I've been battling my entire life, though I'm not sure why.

So, so glad I read this today.