Monday, February 23, 2009

2009 Daddy Daughter Dance....

Here are a few of my favorites from the Daddy Daughter Dance I shot Saturday night. To see the entire collection (warning: there are 594 images to sort through!), click here.

Yes....this little peanut is talking on the cell.....if she was 15 I'd bet my life she'd be on that phone talking about a boy. Since she is not 15, I bet she was telling her mom about the cool cake. :0)

Some dads wore tuxes, some dads wore jeans. All the dads were the luckiest guys in the place.
This little peanut saw my camera and smiled like a PRO.
John and Jessica Harrington....two years in a row I was lucky to take their picture! Jess is growing up!

She was twirlin' and twirlin'!

BEAUTIFUL little girl....

Earring malfunction. Can you TOTALLY see these pictures as if it was their wedding day? Too cute!
This dad is not at ALL proud of HIS daughter....They cut it up all night long!

All the girls got a corsage as part of their ticket price. I was very sweet to watch the dads put them on the girls. You can tell who had done it before and who was totally lost. :0)
She did this without my asking....I walked up on it and asked her to do it again so I could take a picture. He is smiling pretty big!

"(She) wears her sunglasses at night so she can so she can......!"
THIS ONE CRACKS ME UP.....look at her face. It's TOTALLY how I dance. Only way to feel the music is by making your lips do funny things.
These two were SCREAMING....DJ had just announced the Jonas Bros. coming up. I am embarrassed to say that I knew most of the words to the JB songs! :0)
How cool is this dad?!? Raisin' the ROOF, baby!
They were running and swinging each other around. Needless to say, they were very sweaty little girls!

THE SPRINKLER!!!!! I was laughing so hard at these was teaching them all kinds of moves like the lawnmower and sprinkler for sure....I was laughing so hard I had to look away. :0)


And my favorite of the night.....just plain sweet.

JC is my BFF!!!!!


Travis said...

What a privilege to take your daughter to the dance. I'm jealous, even though I can't dance. I'm glad you were able to get some photos to record this event. Great post!

Frisbies Forever said...

Those were priceless!

Billy Coffey said...

You have such talent. They were all wonderful pictures, but the one about the earring? Perfect.

Jennifer said...

These are absolutely precious. Gets me all misty-eyed, thinking about my girls and their daddy.