Monday, July 28, 2008

Hello from Virginia!

WE MADE IT! We drove 19 hours in two days with no TV, no iPods or mp3 players....just us, the radio and one game boy and one Nintendo DS! I get sleepy just driving to the grocery store so making it half way across the country was a miracle!

We are having a great time. Yesterday we ate at the best BBQ place in Richmond (featured on The Food Network on Bobby Flay Throwdown)and it was very good. I think it was called Buzz and Ed's....I can't remember. The best part, though, and the weirdest, was that as I was paying, the manager walked by and I looked at her, she looked at me. Asked her what her name was and she told me....asked her if she worked at Applebee's many years ago and she said yes. Turns out, she and I worked together over 15 years ago at a new store opening in Kingsland, Georgia! We roomed together for 3 weeks AND she's the one I got my tattoo with! SMALL WORLD!!! The cashier guy said..."WEIRD....she never works up here! I can't believe you even saw her!" It was pretty crazy. We talked for a while and I gave her my card so hopefully we can catch up more.

After that we drove around Richmond for a little while....this city is so full of cool history. If you live here I bet you forget where you are. We ended up at St. John's active little church today but it is famous because it is where Patrick Henry gave his "GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!" speech. We watched a reinactment of that. Interesting stuff (the kids were bored though...the coolness of what we were seeing hopefully sinks in when they get a little older).

We then headed to the Virginia State Capitol. It has beautiful grounds, the building, or at least most of it, is new and very pretty. You can walk into the old capitol that was build in the 1700's (??) and it is pretty cool to think what our founding fathers built way back then. Took some pretty cool pictures so I'm excited to see them when I get home.

We are headed to Virginia Beach and Norfolk Naval Base this morning. Alli and my brother are planning to parasail at some point and I'm hoping to get some good family pics on the beach. Will be a long day but we will enjoy it!!!

I'll write more tomorrow if I can.

JC is my BFF!

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