Monday, July 21, 2008

Things that make you go HMMM....

Well....He did it again. God spoke to me saying "GET MOVING!" At church yesterday we started a new series called "Unstoppable"...good stuff. All about what we have to do as believers and followers of Jesus Christ and if we are going to believe, we are going to face opposition. It was the story of Elijah and the prophets of Elijah faced 800+ prophets of another God and through his belief and faithfulness to God, he overcame and proved to the Isrealites that our God was the one true God (1 Kings 18 if you are interested). Then, Pastor Jeff talked about listening to God and taking that next giant step to follow Him..."start that new business..." All I could say was WOW. I then worked in the children's service and the lesson there was "God is my helper, I should do what He asks me to do." Man....He just wouldn't stop telling me to LISTEN...ok...more likely I am a little slow and He had to repeat Himself several times! :0

So...what are my next steps? I'm not totally sure. Wade is setting up a meeting with a business advisor buddy of his so we can have him help us with a business plan. My website is in the works and when that gets up and running I will be able to get the word out about us much easier. I have a senior from ADM ready to let me take her senior pictures this fall so I just need to get that scheduled. We did decide to combine the photography and framing business into one..."Out of the Ashes Photography and Custom Framing" is who we are. We need to do some is a great time for people to get that family photo updated and ready for Christmas cards. Also trying to decide how to proceed...since I am working out of my house I don't have the traditional studio that you'd find or use when it's not so nice outside. Wade had a great idea to be a "traveling" photographer....meaning I come to your house and set up with the necessary backgrounds or we just take pictures in locations within your home (fireplace etc.) so considering that as a very viable option. THEN I NEED TO CONTINUE TO PRAY! Pray for God's guidance and understanding...pray for His peace so I don't stress about all the little details.

Just got an email from someone here at work (yes, I have a full time job on top of this...I should probably be working). It said at the bottom, "Life is a journey...enjoy the ride". I think I will. VROOM, VROOM. :)

JC is my BFF!

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ThaMessenjah said...

I love the idea of the "traveling photographer". Are you going to be providing the fireplace background too? :)