Friday, July 18, 2008

Coming to life

Last October I purchased my Nikon D80 camera with my severance that I received as a result of a "reduction in force" and "region realignment" with my former employer, Nationwide Insurance. I was devastated to learn that my job was being eliminated and there were no positions available for me to stay with the company, but looking back, God was paving the way....making my "crooked places" straight to get me where I am right this very minute. With the loving support and a whole lot of nudging from my very best friend in the world and boyfriend Wade, I have started Out of the Ashes Photography. The picture you see at the top of my blog is one of mine.

Anyway, last night Wade and I were looking for frames for the 20 or so pictures that I have ready to sell....he is going to be my "main framer" but until we get that side business going, we were looking for ready made frames. We found several awesome frames and when we got back to my house, we began to place the pictures in the frames....that's where the title of this blog comes into play. My pictures CAME TO LIFE. I swear...right in front of my eyes. They are awesome by themselves but put a nice frame around them and they really take on another feel! I was soooo excited and so very scared at the same time. I think Wade got tired of me whining because I just could NOT get over the feeling that if I sold even one of them it would be like selling one of my babies! Ugh! With his loving words..."you'll get over that when you get your first check" (thanks baby)...I started to realize that he was right. He is a smart man and I am pretty sure that God was speaking to me through him. God was reminding the nice way that He does sometimes...that he did not give me this talent or desire to keep the beautiful world He created and shows me daily through my camera lens to myself. His plan for me is to SHARE it. So...with that...I will share. Much like a 3 year old shares her favorite toy or candy--kicking and screaming--but I will do it! :/

So, I leave you with one of my favorite verses and hope that it reminds you of the strength that you have within you only through believing in Jesus Christ...."I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" ~ Phil 4:13 (I wonder if that goes for sharing too??)

JC is my BFF! (For those of you not hip in the text language -- Jesus Christ is my Best Friend Forever)

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