Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What's in your luggage?

Ok, so I started this thing thinking that I might just post once in a while and discuss the business and the latest happenings but it appears that I am enjoying it....and I have a lot to say! :)

This morning on my way to work (a lot happens to me in that 40 minute drive, I guess), I heard the "Upwards with Max Lucado" 1 minute segment on the radio and it was so good I just had to share. It went something like this: image we are all at the airport baggage claim area waiting on our luggage. Someone over the loud speaker says "get in line...everyone just grab the first piece of luggage that comes your way and that will be yours" one would go for that right? Max went on to explain how God has "packed a specific, unique piece of luggage" for each and every one of us and no two pieces or its contents are the same. I can't take your "luggage" and wear your clothes or use your things....they aren't mine. I must take what God has given talents and abilities and do something with them. It makes no sense for me to want and desire your wasn't packed for me!


Don't we all struggle once in awhile with wanting what others have or wanting to drive that car or have that certain house or job title? God has given us each a special talent to be used for His purpose. I guess the hardest part is unpacking the luggage that God has given us and doing something with it....taking a leap of faith and believing in God's master plan even when we have no clue what it is. For MANY years, my luggage has been stored in the very back of the closet, fully loaded and ready to go, but the anger that filled me didn't even allow me to know it was there. Over the last two years I have slowly cleaned out my closet, getting rid of old unwanted things and surprisingly finding some great treasures in there that I had forgotten I had. Now, with Out of the Ashes Photography, I have opened my luggage and begun to unpack. It feels good to fit into those things that God packed for me....everything fits perfectly. And the best part: my bum doesn't look big! WHOOO HOOO! Thank ya Jesus! :)

I pray that everyone reading this finds their perfectly packed luggage and will open it to find a treasure beyond measure.

JC is my BFF!

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Anonymous said...

A great analogy for life.