Tuesday, July 22, 2008


"I WILL SING HALLELUIAH!" (Phillips, Craig & Dean if you didn't know). What an awesome song. It was playing on the radio this morning as I was driving in to work and you just can't help but turn it up loud and sing at the top of your lungs! The drivers around me all looked at me a bit weird, but oh well....God was laughing at my off tune version, I'm just sure. Made me think...does God really hear our every word, know our every thought? Can He really be paying attention to what I'm doing while paying full attention to what everyone else is doing, at the EXACT same time? That thought actually makes me smile because while it is scary to think that everything that I think and say He hears and knows, it is also very comforting. I am constantly reminded that God is in me so I better be on my best behavior which by default makes me a better person. I know I will sin....I know I will make mistakes, but knowing that God is so loving and forgiving makes being me easier....and that is NO easy task! :)

My girls and I are all big lovers of LOUD music....not just music. It must be loud music. Whenever we are in the car it is always cranked up and we are singing and dancing. "Oh Happy Day" by Tim Hughes is one of our favorites. Good stuff so check it out. Anyway, on the way home from somewhere last week we had the Tim Hughes CD in and started doing the new dance moves we had learned at VBS a few weeks ago. We were goofy and totally out of control (Don't worry...I was only half out of control as I had one eye on the road and one hand on the wheel). We were laughing and I asked my girls "What do you think God is thinking about us right now?" My oldest Alli (15) said..."HE'S TOTALLY LAUGHING!! He's gettin' jiggy with it right now! Dancing and laughing and....JUST GETTIN' JIGGY MOM!" I laughed so hard I almost cried. I was so amazed by her description of how God might be having a good time with us. It then occured to me how cool it is to truly know that God is watching, laughing and "gettin' jiggy" with us! What a wonderful feeling to know that we can and do make Him that happy.

So....the next time you are in the car, turn it up loud and sing AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS. God will be watching and He will be so proud of your praise to Him....no matter how bad you sound! Don't worry...the people in the car next to you will likely never see you again. :)

JC is my BFF!

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