Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Miscellaneous things....

Misc. #1:

This happens to me quite regularly. I'm driving to or from work and so want to kick myself for not having my camera with me. It's usually a beautiful sunrise just screaming to have it's picture taken or like last night, the sunset was something not to be missed. Lucky for me, last night I was only a few miles from home. I called my daughter and asked her to grab my camera and meet me outside (they are so used to this -- don't even roll their eyes at me anymore!). Here are my favorites of the ones I quickly snapped.

I have a strange obsession with black and white, but threw the color one in since I like that one pretty well too. I love the twinkle of the sun.....it's not the typical sunset that has most people ohhh-ing and ahhh-ing that I like. It's the ones that are different and if you don't stop and look you will miss the beauty behind it. That's my kind of sunset.

Misc. #2:

I have attached a link below to one of my most favorite blogs in the world. Out of huge heartache, this blog was born. Out of huge love for Christ, this blog is written. Out of a very smart lady, this post was created. Check it out.....It is sooooo worth the read. Makes me want to see what my canvas is looking like these days.

Misc. #3:

Last Monday night I attended a seminar called "For the Birds" presented by Teri Frana from my church. She is quite a lady and it was so worth the evening. Teri created and runs "There Is More Ministries" right here in Des Moines. Talk about a lady who has taken a HUGE leap of faith and searched her heart for God's direction! Anyway, I know she is looking to expand this seminar to share with more churches and groups so if you ever need a good presenter with fantastic Christ-based material, she is the lady you need to contact. Below is a link to her blog, which takes you to her website, through which you can contact her. I'm an owl with dove tendencies.....which means I'm an anal freak who loves to make peace. OK....OK....those are NOT the official descriptions....just my take on ME. :0)

That's it for my randomness today.

JC is my BFF....!!!!

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Billy Coffey said...

I'm partial to black and white pictures, too. I think it lets your imagination take over a bit and fill in some of the blanks. Then again, you're talented enough that the color pictures still allow me to do the same. If you can figure out how that is exactly, let me know!

I'll check out that blog, too. Your words compel me.