Monday, March 30, 2009

I don't care what you say, but.....




He does and He did. Not when I wanted Him to and not when I really thought He should, but right on time. His time.

Mark made it home Saturday night, by the way. All in one piece, too. Super tired but home and ok. WHEW.

It was a long weekend for me. I slept and avoided and then realized I needed to CHANGE my typical way of dealing with things. Instead of turning and running away, I stayed and faced my fear. And you know what? Mark stayed too. That is one way God showed up. Just having someone in my life who does NOT do things like everyone else has proved to me that God really does know what He is doing....with my heart and with this relationship.

This morning I received an email from someone I consider a good friend. I won't say his name because I'm not sure how comfortable he will be with me sharing but he wrote something that was brilliant. My friend and I went through Christ Life Solutions together. He read my blog and wanted to tell me he liked it and then said something I absolutely love and need to share. Forgive me, friend, but God showed up in your email today, too, and I really think He wants it to be shared.

Here is what he wrote:

"My car was parked outside and the windshield had frost on it; I knew that if I backed it up just a few feet, that the sun would penetrate and melt the frost quickly. I thought if only the other SON could penetrate my heart that quick and take away the hard shell that has grown around my heart to protect it from getting hurt again."

I love it and he is sooooo right! If ONLY the SON could penetrate our hearts and melt the frost! And you know what??? HE CAN and HE DOES. Our job is to just back the car up. That's the act of faith God needs from us to melt the frost. He can do it....faster than the blink of an eye, but He desires us to bring it to Him first.

So put the car in reverse, friend. You only need to back it up a few small feet and He will meet you right there in the SONlight.

Gotta go.....need to back my car up! :0)

"For I have chosen you and I will NOT throw you away." ~ Isaiah 41:9

JC is my BFF....


Billy Coffey said...

That's a great analogy with the windshield.

Glad Mark made it home safely. Glad more for all that God is doing in your life.

Jennifer said...

Oh cool! Love it!

Guess what I'll be thinking when I back my car up tomorrow morning?

Bless you, dear one.

Frisbies Forever said...