Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thank you list to God....

In church on Sunday we talked about listening to God and when we listen to Him we gain perspective (big picture versus problem in current line of sight), endurance (to get through the problem that we face) and learn to appreciate God's perfect timing. The truth we learned is this: GOD IS NEVER EARLY, HE IS NEVER LATE -- HE IS ALWAYS ON TIME. Huh. I have to say that is a very hard thing to deal with when I want things to go my way or in my time.

Pastor Jeff went on to challenge us to write a "Thank You list to God" this week. It's been a long week already so I have been struggling with getting it done....ok...started. Today is the day I start. Figured I'd start with a few things and just add to them as they come up....a working list if you will. So...without further delay, here is my Thank You list to God:

1) THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU. For your forgiveness, for your kindness, for your grace.

2) Thank you for my beautiful children. Thank you that they are good kids (not without their issues, but genuinely good kids).

3) Thank you for teaching me that I am a VICTOR, and no longer a victim. (Ok...still working on this one but I am trying)

4) Thank you for teaching me that my past is no longer my is now my STORY.

5) Thank you for letting my heart heal from many pains and the knowledge that throughout the pains that I will endure for the rest of my life, You will always be there to help me through them.

6) Thank you for a different perspective on life, love and hope....for having a master plan even though I don't get to review it and discuss it with You.

7) Thank you for showing me what You have packed in my luggage and for giving me the courage to begin unpacking and wearing what You have given me. :) (see earlier post if you are confused!)

8) Thank you for toilet paper. Seriously.

9) Thank you for allowing me to see the beauty You have created in this world everyday....all the little things like the sunset, the intricate details of the inside of a flower, the beauty of a raindrop and the smile on a little kids face.

10) THANK YOU for restoring my feeble and broken soul.

More later....I have so much to be thankful for!

JC is my BFF!

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