Monday, August 25, 2008


So my middle child turned 10 years old last week. I know...double's all down hill from there, right? Turning 10 is a big deal in my family. We did the usual birthday stuff...dinner out, presents, cake, singing, etc., but for her party on Saturday night, Tim and I rented her a LIMO. Yep, we did. In the middle of these crazy economic times, with gas prices at record highs, we rented our 10 year old daughter a limo (in an effort to even out the expenses, we did take them for dinner at McDonalds in the limo...hee...hee). She was so surprised. The look on her face was priceless. Her friends knew about it (how they did not tell her at recess is beyond me...killed me for two weeks knowing and not being able to tell her!). Anyway, below are pictures of the girls and the limo. Happy 10th Birthday, Taylor. May God let us have you for many more years and rent a limo for your 80th birthday too, kiddo. :)

Oh....and as I was tucking Carli in to bed last night (she's 8...and a half), she said this: "Mom, I'd like to have a great 10th birthday too. How do you rent a helicopter?" Oh least I have a year and a half to figure that one out! :)

JC is my BFF!

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