Tuesday, August 12, 2008


What a weekend. I spent 6 hours Saturday shooting action shots at a 3v3 soccer tourney then spent an hour or so with an adorable 2 year old and his parents. So many things happened I can't even begin to get my head around it all or even know really where to start.

First -- the 3v3 tourney. I just walked around taking random shots of players and coaches so that we can use the photos in next years promotional materials. As I did that I had several teams ask for team photos. Many asked me if they would be for purchase...gave them my card and said send me an email. :) In the last few weeks I have been thinking about getting into wedding photography...scares me to death as I've seen one too many episodes of "Bridezilla"! Having never done a wedding, it's hard to get someone to hire you without examples/experience so that is a hurdle I have to overcome if I decide to go down that path. About halfway through the day a lady walks up and asks me if I do wedding photography! Gave her my card and told her I hadn't done one but was looking into the possibility. She seemed excited and she said she'd call.

God hears us when we talk. I just know it.

A team of about 14-15 year old girls walked up shortly after this and asked for a team photo. One of the parents yelled "Tell her about the ribbon on your socks!" so I bit and asked what it was. At closer look it said "R.I.P. JJ"...I had immediate goosebumps as they explained that a 14-year old friend of theirs had died last Wednesday from an accident on a 4 wheeler. They were going through what no teenager should ever have to and it was tough to watch them. Totally my pleasure to take their team picture....see below. What a cool group of girls.

I honestly believe that God puts people in front of us to remind us of certain things or show us how He is working on our behalf when we don't even realize it....you know....making our "crooked paths straight." Looking back at the 3v3 tourney and what has come out of it, I see God molding me and allowing me to show Him in me to those who cross my path. What a blessing for me!

Later that evening I spent some good time with a 2 year old named Dylan and his parents at a park here in Waukee. He was absolutely adorable.

We were almost done with the shoot and there, at the other end of the park, was a beautiful hot air balloon getting ready to take off. You should have seen his face! Then....God's timing is so good...a firetruck pulls up to make sure the hot air balloon is going to go up ok! WHAT A DREAM! A firetruck for a two year old boy! We were allowed get some shots of Dylan and the truck. The photo above is Dylan after he got to sit in the firetruck and one of the last photos I took. You are probably wondering how I see God in this but I certainly do. I've got a new photography business going and not that the shoot was going bad at all, it wasn't, but how many times does a photographer get a setting like this one without setting it up! I believe that God has a master plan for me and my business and He is doing things to make it easier for me to get my job done well.

And I'll take all the help I can get!

JC is my BFF!

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Coach DeWitt said...

Thanks for putting this on your site. The girls were very excited for you to take their pictures. It was a hard weekend for us all. God Bless!