Thursday, August 5, 2010

Walk the line....

He walks the line....every day.

Keeping his anger in check, being quick to listen and slow to speak. Doing the right thing and nearly agonizing over what that really is sometimes.

My husband walks the line. But...don't mess with him.

'Cuz I have no fear of walkin' a little crooked.

I'm angry today.

My husband is dealing with a messed up situation. He's getting treated like a second class citizen. Oh, yes....he's angry, too, but in a much better way than me.

He's a great man of God. He knows that justice will be served. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but it WILL be served.

This message is cryptic on purpose because it's his story to tell. All I can do is express my 100% support of him and encourage him. NO MORE. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Walk away and hold your head high, baby. WE WILL BE OK....wait....WE WILL BE BETTER THAN OK. God has opened this door....He is letting you out. Walk through it and move ahead. The decision has been made and now we can work on the next steps. No more limbo, no more wondering, more.

My fierce loyalty gets me into trouble sometimes and I'm totally ok with that - FYI. I know what Mark knows, too, about justice being served in God's time. It's just hard for me to watch him struggle and be treated this way.

He 's a much better person than me.....'cuz he walks the line.

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Frisbies Forever said...

WOW! I could've wrote that myself insert Brad's name. Many prayers and love your way. Hope what your dealing with is better than ours but you have our full support too and know we love you and have felt both your spirits. Trust, hope, believe and stake your boundaries. The Lord will continue to bless you.