Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Spirit Midwest 2009

So this last Saturday was "Spirit Midwest". It's a cool deal. Many different bands play and admission is free (I love free!). One of the bands that played is headed up by our junior high and high school worship leader at my church. He rocks. We went to see them play. They are FANTASTIC. Just can't say enough about the music they write and the way they play. God has big plans for these kids....yes....kids. Under 25-ish in my book is still a kid. :0)

One of Mark's tattoos....

Brandon....if you scroll down to some older posts you will notice that Brandon is the same kid who lead VBS with Mark. He is a lot different in this setting than in a room full of little kids! :0)

Leah has a beautiful voice!

The fans....
Justin is the worship leader I told you about above. Very gifted, heart for God kind of guy. The kind you hope your daughter grows up to marry someday.
They are laughing while playing! I think that's cool since that means they obviously enjoy what they do!

Had to throw this one in....when Justin really gets into the music, he sings from his tippy toes. :0)

It's so cool to see what God is leading these kids to do. They will be nationally known someday and you will all say you "saw them here first"!!! :0)

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Jennifer said...

Mmmm. Love that tiptoe picture. Well, I liked all of them actually.