Friday, June 19, 2009

Point of Grace VBS 2009 ~ Day 4

Day 4 is Salvation night....the night we learn about Jesus. In my group of 11 I had 2 girls pray the prayer of salvation (the other 9 had previously done so)!!! WOOT WOOT! Nothing like being there when someone accepts Jesus! Even when they are only 10 years old!!! God IS so good!

Tonight is the last night....I am POOPED so while I'm glad we are almost done (working full time during the day then partying HARD at night can wear an old lady out! I'm just sayin'!), I'm sad to see it end.

The girl below sings in the high school worship band that has been leading us all week. She is going into 8th or 9th grade. Not even kidding.

Best worship leader ever....Justin. I like how he sings/plays from his tippy toes. :0)

Different perspective of Justin....taken during rehearsal.

Worship's CRAZY in there! :0)

Jacob....he is a NUT. Used the cross key chains they made during craft for EARRINGS! Cracked me up.

Julie my 4th grade girls leader (a.k.a PARTNER IN CRIME - We both get a crack out of embarrassing the girls....only now the girls scream and holler with us!)
See an earlier day...this is the little kid who brings his own pretend guitar and ROCKS OUT with the band every night! He is on the BIG screen! When he noticed his eyes got HUGE. :0)

"What did you learn tonight, buddy?" ...the reply..."ummmmmmmm....." Guess he didn't pay attention. :0)
BUBBLES!!! Everyone loves BUBBLES!

Brandon EATING bubbles....maybe he loves them a little too much. :0)

So it's been an awesome week of GOD, JESUS, KIDDOS, LAUGHTER, MUSIC, FUN and best of all we got to model for our children what it means to love God and serve one another!


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Billy Coffey said...

Wow, that sounds and looks like such a GREAT time! Thanks for sharing all of this, Click. You rock!