Friday, May 1, 2009

Snooze-a-pooloza turned party town.....

Found myself slumping down in the seats at Taylor's 5th grade music concert last night. Typically these things are somewhat bearable as they go very quickly, but last night it was a long show (I am NOT a music hater....really. I just dislike these functions). I was whining about having to go to the bathroom while sitting center row in the middle of a million people (I kid....I was only in the middle of a half a million), but that's neither here nor there.....just adds to the drama of my displeasure, don't ya think?

We listened to the 5th grade band...they were ok. We listened to a trumpet player knock her number out of the park.....kid had talent. We listened to a few other soloists who did not have talent. We listened to the boys choir and the girls choir....they were both mildly entertaining.

I started to perk up a little when the full 5th grade choir hit the stage. Yeah....they ROCKED. Literally.

They sang a ton of old school songs from the 60's and 70's like Hard Days Night (I love me some Beetles, baby), Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Hound Dog, Blue Suede Shoes, The Twist, Dancing Queen and on and on. They danced like crazy with tons of disco moves and they even square danced!

See pictures the end of the concert an hour and a half later, the whole crowd was into it and clapping along. Good stuff right there. Started out slow, but ended strong. I even forgot how badly I needed to pee. :0)

That's my kiddo dead center (the blond).

Here she is again with the girls choir....

Full girls choir.....

The full 5th grade doing the twist....they rocked the house.

This kid was the Purple People Eater.....he was hilarious.

Best number of the night? Elvis. He sang Hound Dog while dancing Just. Like. Elvis. The old lady behind me nearly fainted. Not even kidding. She was screaming so loud I thought my ear drum would rupture. In this picture it's at the end and he is saying..."Thank ya. Thank ya very much." (notice his left hand pointing) :0)

Lots of talent in this 5th grade. Nothing like making sure the next generation knows what REAL music is all about. My hat goes off to the very grumpy music teacher!!!


Billy Coffey said...

Totally agree with the whole school funtion thing. Time seems to stop completely. But I'm glad you ended up having a good time.

That Elvis looks really cool. And I love me some Beatles, too.

hope42day said...

This made me laugh! I remember when my oldest was a Christmas tree-with lights and all for a concert when he was in middle school. The funny part was he and the other kids could not keep a straight face throughout!
Love those classics...hope they never die!