Monday, May 11, 2009

Have you ever.....

....laughed so hard you thought you might wet your pants? Or laughed so hard your side hurt for HOURS? I LOVE laughing like that. Wish that happened more often. Seems, though, that laughter like that, the kind that starts in your toes and works it's way up to a full snort, happens more often than not these days around my family. Many, many reasons for it really. I just know that at the core of it is a wonderful, loving God who has blessed me in more ways than I can count.

This past weekend was no exception...beautiful weather, my most favoritist people in the world, a small bonfire and laughter. Can't beat it.

This is my dog buddy. I think he looks a little like a snob here, don't ya think?

Alli and Taylor....lovin' each other. Carli was gone with a friend and while we were waiting for her to come home I took some shots of these two.

The lilac bushes that literally stretch the entire length of two full sides of my property. They are beautiful and these pictures do them NO justice. I wish they would last a little longer than what feels like 2.6 seconds each year. The smell....incredible.

Mr. Ramsey. He was laughing as I took this picture and I KID YOU NOT as soon as he looked at me, he stopped. Not sure why he does that!

Being silly because I gave him a hard time for not smiling in the last picture....

Our small bonfire. I love me some bonfires.

Alli had my camera and she was being sooooo silly. She really does crack me up. Can you see how my side hurts? Makes me laugh just looking at these pictures!

Ms. Sarah....texting. I'm not sure how teenagers do it but they can text several people at once while appearing to be fully engaged in a conversation happening around them. It's sheer talent if you ask me.

Alli....also texting.

I love this kid. My first born. The very first LOVE OF MY LIFE.

Shortly after these pictures were taken, Carli got home and we had our very first "family talk". We announced.....


The girls were all very excited. Took Carli a few minutes....she was worried about having to wear a dress! :0) When she said that Mark told her, "Listen. I told your mom, 'If I don't have to wear a dress, Carli doesn't have to wear a dress'". To which Carli let out a big sigh and a large "WOOT, WOOT!". It was hysterical.

August 29th is the big day and I could NOT be happier. I DARED God....seriously double dog dared show me what a REAL man looked like. "Bring him to me, God. Put him directly in my path and I will do as you wish." careful what you ask for because God sure does listen. I have a feeling he LAUGHED hard at my dare. He knew what He had planned and I did not. He knew what was coming and I most certainly did not.

"Thank You, God, for Mark, Sarah and my girls. It will not be easy moving and combining households and learning to live together and love each other, but we will seek You first in all things. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You."

The sunset to end the day on Saturday. Alli took this picture. I think it turned out just fine....


Billy Coffey said...


Congratulations, Becki. May God give all of you every single bit of the happiness you deserve.

Jennifer said...

I can smell the lilacs and the campfire. That's how amazing your photos are.

The Grinstead Family said...


Frisbies Forever said...

MY HUSBAND IS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHY I AM SQUEALING AT MY LAPTOP!!!! I am so excited for you!!!!!! I am so glad you have found happiness!!!! I have to run now, cause I am full!!!!

Hope42Day said...

Congratulations!!!! I agree about the dress thing! I also loved all of the pictures...really captured the essence of joy.