Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh NO she dint....


So the girls and I were chattin' the other night....talking about Christmas and their wish lists and that kind of stuff. I was trying to get them to tell me what they HAD to have versus the junk that they never use and I waste my money on. I'm just saying....stretchin' a dollar these days isn't so easy. They get that....all three of them are smart girls. We decided that we would give one extra present each to Toys for Tots or the family that my work is sponsoring and they would make their wish lists a little smaller this year. Whew....teaching kids about giving and sacrificing so that others can have something too is not always fun but it went really well. They all have HUGE hearts. In fact, Taylor wanted to not buy any presents at all and give all that money to charity (she still believes that Santa is NOT her momma!). Needless to say she was out voted. :)

Then, Alli asks what we will be doing for our Christmas dinner. At Christmas we don't travel anywhere and we just love to stay home and cook some yummy viddles together. All my girls love to cook...what a blessing that is. :) Alli then started getting all cocky and said "You don't know how to cook a turkey, mom."

SAY WHAT??? Oh no she dint....Seriously.

A momma of three (me) can do ANYTHING and she's telling ME I can't cook a turkey? GAME ON, SISTA. So....we decided on a food challenge. Her and Taylor v. me and Carli. Ha. She forgot about the time my sister-in-law Tina and I cooked the Thanksgiving dinner for my ex-husband's entire extended family. It was good too. Or how about the last two Christmases when I made a huge dinner! She is just too young to have lost her mind....but it appears that she has. sad. I'll show her though. Little squirt challenging her momma to a cook off. Humpf.....she'll PAY. :)

** DON'T ANYONE FREAK OUT....any extra food we have we'll give to the shelter.... might be a little be crazy here but we are not wasteful! **

BRING IT ON.....wahahahaha {EVIL LAUGH}
JC is my BFF!

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Frisbies Forever said...

That is Hilarious! I love it. Don't worry about them not remembering anything. It is a common malady these days. There is just something weird in the water, my kids don't think I can do anything and after I prove I can, they don't remember. That's why I take so many pictures to beef up their little memory boxes. I am not sure they would remember ANYTHING if I didn't. tee hee.