Tuesday, May 18, 2010

If horses were wishes....

I love the title of this post. I learned the other day that it's an old English nursery rhyme that basically means it's useless to wish.

Amen to that.

If I could wish...
  • I'd wish....for the day when things don't seem so hectic and crazy. We'd stop running in 8 different directions and instead relax and enjoy the journey God has us on....
  • I'd wish....for a plate that is not so large and overflowing. Too many things to juggle...and handle...and worry about...and wonder why...and on and on. My sweet husband says God gave us all of this stuff right now, in this time, because WE can handle it. And we can....I just wish...it wasn't so much.
  • I'd wish....for a cold, diet wild cherry pepsi and a glass of ice to always be at my beck and call. Seriously. This stuff is GOOD (might even go so far as to say it's my new fav...)
  • I'd wish....to hear the words "HEALED" for friends and family. And I don't just mean healed. I mean healed....physically, mentally and most of all spiritually. I'd wish for no more lost souls and restoration for the weary, because I've been there and I know that feeling of being lost, lonely and afraid. My heart breaks just thinking about the pain in this world on so many levels. Breast cancer, COPD, divorce, hurt from the rejection of an unworthy parent, on and on. God has a plan for it all and clinging to that is the only thing that keeps me from losing it. GOD HAS A PLAN and there is NOTHING that He cannot do.
  • I'd wish....for us to just be a family. Not "step". Not "blended". Just family. We are getting there, it's so hard though. BUT....I'd soooo do it all over again. I'd marry HIM again and again and again. *sigh*

I decided that since wishing does me absolutely no good, today (and everyday) I'm praying. For God to do what He does and be where He is. For God to just keep walking beside me and reminding me that He is there. It's all I need and all I can ask for. Your will be done, not mine, sweet God. And thank you....for diet wild cherry pepsi. :0)

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Frisbies Forever said...

Promise. Family will come. It takes time and trust. It will come quietly and sneak up on you. One day you will be trying to say well, when she was that age.... and then stop and laugh at yourself.
They will one day look up and say, Doesn't it seem like we have ALWAYS been here and known each other? And it will. The line will blur and you will have to think...
Take LOTS of pictures and review them often and cement those memories. They will become their greatest treasures. When they grow up and leave pictures will be asked for first. They will want to re-create the great examples you and Mark are setting for them. All of them and you will gather them in your arms and you will feel "home". You will giggle when you say "Why can't they just get ALONG?" Then recognize they are doing what siblings do, and count it a blessing.
Steps in my family lead to the basement and that is NOT where my family lives. We don't identify that term because it makes people on the outside divide our family. WE NEED 100 HOURS TOGETHER! This is all normal. Rejection from unworthy parents is the hardest thing to overcome. We still struggle with it. Building their foundation with Christ will lead them to overcome though and find peace within themselves, through Him. Which is what we want. You are an amazing couple, but take a step back and review. You will see beyond the busyness. Make sure that what you are doing is THE most important. Sometimes it's a choice between Good, Better and Best. Make sure your activities are in the Best category. Cut the extra busy. Your sanity will thank you. I Love You, Girl! I will be thinking and praying for your family too. Wishes are important, they help define our hearts, but then, go to work and be the hands God needs to mold and develop YOUR family. You will have no greater joy. You are a wonderful Momma, you are a wonderful Wife, a great example and a Sister in Christ and I couldn't be more proud of you!!! Sorry I took up so much space...:)