Monday, April 6, 2009

SOOOO much to be thankful for....

This will be a totally random post. Too much to share as I sit here ready to EXPLODE. :0)

Random #1:

God is so good. You already know that and if you don't, trust me on this one. Been praying for a long time that my brother and family get to move back to home. That isn't happening but other exciting things are. He has asked me not to share too much until it's officially official, but since I am bursting at the seams I just have to hint at the exciting-ness happening to them....and ME ('cuz you is all about ME!)!!! WHOO HOO! More later when I can share details.

Random #2:

MARK & I ARE GOING TO SEE JEREMY CAMP!!!! He is coming to the Iowa State Fair with Steven Curtis Chapman and I got our tickets this morning! Not a huge fan of Steven but I have a feeling he will be awesome anyway. Jeremy and I....well....we are TIGHT. I so love his music and he was the first Christian music I really got into on my crazy God's totally gonna be AWESOME. WHOO HOO!!!!

Random #3:

Run for The Pines. Check out this is a group of crazy runners from my church running across the state to raise money for an orphanage called The Pines our church sponsors in South Africa. I am the "official photographer" and will need to get some pictures of these guys running or something so Brad can put them up for you to see. Run for the Pines has a huge goal to raise some serious money.....please donate if you can or join them on the run!

Random #4:

Another blog for you to check out. It's very sad. A young, single Christian mother is carrying baby April who is not expected to live outside her momma. She needs serious prayer and people to lift her up, not tear her down. Sounds like people have been very mean to her for her being an unwed mother. Breaks my heart that people can't see past their own crazy self-centeredness and embrace her in her time of need. It's what God calls us to do, people.....she needs help carrying her burden of a broken heart.

For whatever reason God has been sending me to many blogs like this one. I requested the privilege of joining "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" organization that finds photographers to go to the hospital and shoot families whose baby is not going to survive to offer heirloom photographs that celebrate the family and help in the healing. Not sure how that will all go but I feel a very strong, special tug to do this.

Random #5

Carli had her 9th birthday party on Friday night. It was fun but my daughter and her friends like to "rough-house" much like a group of boys. It wears me out. :0) They ate and ate....had to send Alli back to town to get more food only an hour into the party....SERIOUSLY. Anyway, they had a good time and below is a picture of Carli and her friend going down the stairs in a sleeping bag (we call it carpet races). They FLY and it HURTS. I tried it once....never again. Had a bruise on my bum for a long time. The other is Carli showing some money she got.....what a nut! :0)

That's it for now.....sure hope nothing else exciting happens to me today. Not sure I can handle any more!!!


Billy Coffey said...

SO happy for you that things are going so well.

God is good. No doubt about it.

Run For The Pines said...

Yeah!!! We made #3!!!!!

Frisbies Forever said...

I think I am most excited about the photography. What a great service and gift! I am so happy about that. it makes me want to weep just thinking about it. This is tugging at your heartstrings because it is a totally selfless act. I am sure it will be hard, but think of the immense blessings! The staircase...ouch! My sister used to toss me down our staircase in a sleeping bag. It was scary! It is worse the bigger you are. I do not recommend after Jr. High.

Jennifer said...

Some cool stuff going on. ... Jeremy Camp is incredible in concert, by the way. We saw him in concert in Sioux Falls recently.