Thursday, April 2, 2009

Grapple - 5th Grade Ministry....

I love these kids. Can't help but smile and laugh at the things that come out of these little peeps mouths (or mine when I talk to them). Seriously.

I have never in my life really liked this age group (5th grade so ages 10-11). Not 'cuz they are bad kids, 'cuz they aren't, but the awkwardness of this age makes me remember too much about when I was 10 and 11! It's such a crazy time in our lives....the beginning of really growing up. Sometimes knowing far more than we should so really being more adult-like in a kiddo body. Its hard to relate to them sometimes because you never know if they are in "kid-mode" or "big kid-mode" and the roller coaster of emotions that comes from kids this age can wear a parent out.

I know. I know. The teenage years are ahead but honestly, I like teenagers better than preteens.

Until now.

I think my being a part of Grapple is testing my ability to learn, teach, grow and make kids behave while they are learning and growing. God does not always put us in situations where we KNOW we can do it. He puts us in situations where we LEARN we can do it. And that's what I'm doing.

What a blessing I have been given. I pray that they continue to learn and have hearts for the Lord that grow too big for their chests!

Mark & Charis speaking "gibberish" least Mark is!
Three buds.... least they are laughing!
Girls....CALMLY waiting for directions on the Q-Tip shooting game. The boys had their straws already loaded and ready to SHOOT!
Action shots.... :0)
Liz getting shot with Q-Tips....I love her smile!
Poor Cole....he got it pretty bad! (see the Q-Tip hitting his head!?!)
Josh....what a cute kid....
Teaching moment....a POP QUIZ!
Peace my sista.....

The girls all go to the Foosball table.....

And the boys play the XBox (or whatever gaming thing it is)....
The hula hoop game.....this was FUNNY (especially the adults!...Go Angie!)

Go Teresa!!!

Why is Mark watching???? He should have been in there!
Rachel showing how she can move the hula hoop up and down.

They were actually fighting over the hula hoop, but paused and posed very nicely. :0)

Sweet Alexis.....

Then the sunset on the way home.....God just reminding us HE IS HERE!!

JC is my BFF!!!!!


sharilyn said...

good for you!! sounds like it's been a great experience for you as well as the kids! i've always been a bit unfond of the 7th/8th grade years... but all those inbe-teen years are crazy! : ) and, i couldn't keep up a hula hoop up to save my life!! : )

Lisa said...

I used to feel the same way. I taught every group but youth. Then I stepped in to help temporarily fill a vacancy. It was the BEST! The kids were fun and really wanted to learn. Keep up the good work!
Blessings - Lisa

Billy Coffey said...

Looks like a great day. From the shots of the kids to the shot of the sunset. Perfect.

That is an awkward age, isn't it? I shudder to think of what I was like back then. Thankfully, these kids have you...