Tuesday, April 14, 2009


My God Reigns.

My Savior LIVES.

My heart is FULL to the brim and ready to overflow.

It's been a crazy 40 days and the fast is officially over. I've learned so much about me, about God, about....just stuff. I don't have words for everything yet and I will post as they come. It's annoying when that happens to me....I struggle with my words and putting them to my feelings. On the plus side, when I do that I know something big is in there trying to come out. So that is where I am today. Something big is working inside.

I am so grateful for many, many things these days. I just revamped my photography website and think it turned out pretty good. In searching for pictures to post out there I ran across a few I really want to share here as they remind me of two very BIG things that I am grateful for.....my girls and just how stinkin' far I've come.

These pictures were taken last October. I was wanting to get the girls outside for some pictures to use for our Christmas card and it was FREEZING and windy. I knew it was one of our last opportunities to get it done so I forced them to do it. We had a few tears (one of my children, BLESS HER, is a wimpy girl at times), we laughed A LOT and ended up with some pretty good stuff. This one below makes me laugh. Alli was teaching the little girls how to look like you are thinking.

Then Alli laughed 'cuz Taylor kept asking "Alli? What are we supposed to be thinking about?" Silly goose. They all three fill my heart with so much laughter and to watch them LOVE EACH OTHER and really, genuinely have hearts for the Lord makes me PROUD. Don't get me wrong....they fight like the best of siblings, but at the end of the day, the love each other and that's what matters.

Then I finally got a half way decent one of all of us. I would set the camera timer and RUN to get behind them. It was muddy back there so I fell a few times and we laughed and laughed.

So today, and everyday, I am grateful for the blessings in my life. There are many but today I am most thankful for my girls and for the work that God has done on my heart. Looking back at this picture, I remember where I was and what I was going through. If I knew then where God was leading me, I don't think I would believe it. He is sooooooo good.

"Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful." ~ Colossians 3:15


Lisa said...

It's nice to put a face with your blog. I enjoy visiting!
Blessings - Lisa

Frisbies Forever said...

Makes me think of the words Out of the darkness and into the light.... Make a wish, take a chance and make a change... You have done it all.

Billy Coffey said...

You have such a talent. It's always good to come here and see new pictures, and I'm going to have to check out your other website, too.

So glad that your fast is over. Congratulations on sticking it out that long. Can't wait to see what you learned along the way!