Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A prayer for 2009

My 2009 New Year's Prayer....resolutions don't work but prayers DO.


First and foremost, thank you. For giving me Your strength when I am weak, Your patience when I am anxious, Your understanding when I am confused. Thank you for loving me JUST AS I AM. I ask that You shine Your light in the yet dark places of my me sort it all out. You have my permission to squeeze out every last bit of yuckiness left in me.

I ask You to show me 2008 with Your me my failures and successes as You see them, not as I see them. I pray that you reveal the things I need to correct and the things I need to protect in 2009.

Because You have taken up full residence in my heart, I am able to endure the painful heartache and complete joy that is sure to come as You mold me into Your perfect image. I know that Your plans for me are good. I know that You have a purpose for me and that Your hand will shape me into what You desire me to be....and at Your hand I surrender.

Thank You for a new year. A new year to seek You, seek my heart and seek LIFE....the life that only comes from knowing You. Thank You for my beautiful girls, my family, my sweet friends. Please keep them all happy and healthy and safe and I pray that they seek You has much as You are seeking them.

I thank You for all that You have done, all that You are doing and all that You are going to do. I look forward to my "breathing" time with You in 2009.

I love You with all my heart.
In Jesus' precious name I pray....

Amen....and Amen.
JC is my BFF!!!

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