Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A random post....

Long time since I've written here. I didn't realize it had been that long!

I miss it.

Been a crazy few months. I've found myself lacking the words to express myself lately. Winter usually does that to me. Putting my camera down over the winter is a healing process that I always NEED, but miss dearly. I'm READY. Ready for Spring. Ready to be outside finding God in all the beauty that is coming. My camera is charged and ready to go.

I've done a few gigs this year so far so not totally down and out. Chick Night at church was fun (whoda thought a bunch of junior high and high school girls would get such a kick out of playing dress up and having their picture taken!), a Princess Party (what a COOL party - teaching 100+ little girls about how they are God's princesses! AWESOME.), a few senior shoots and marketing. I've certainly kept busy, but my list hasn't gotten crossed off like I'd hoped.

Mark and I are taking a class at church - Pursuit - that is changing the way I see God as well. I'm EXCITED to see what He does with this in my heart. I'm seeing Him in a different light - the right light.

Gotta run.....

I'll be back.

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