Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Last night my church hosted the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition's Eleventh Annual Spring Kickoff. It was the "official" start to the 2012 Iowa Caucuses.

Please don't judge me. I'm not political. At all.

But last night was stinkin' COOL.

My pastor asked me to come and take some shots of him with the candidates. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich, Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, Former CEO of Godfather's Herman Caine and Former Louisianna Governor and Congressman Buddy Roemer all spoke. Good stuff, really, but if you ask me we need to roll them all in one and then we'd have ourselves a PRESIDENT.

Just my opinion.

Anyway, I had to be part of the official press corp in order to get that exposure. Needed media credentials and all, my friends. Big STUFF. I've never had to do that before and boy was I nervous! When I walked up to the media table to check in and grab my badge, it was sitting next to Greta Van Sustern's badge (of Fox News fame and fortune). Yeah. I didn't take a picture of that....didn't want to look unprofessional or anything. :0)

So, all checked in and off we went, basically following Jeff around and hoping praying for a few good shots. In a room full of somebodies, I was, quite simply, a nobody. The private reception area held all kinds of big wigs, none of which I knew. I'm pretty sure I have no idea what kind of people were breathing the same air I was. Probably a good thing - I was nervous enough.

2,000 people showed up - they were expecting 600! It was so crowded and hard to get around. Every time Jeff got near a candidate, someone stepped in my shot. I'm not "forceful" enough I guess. :0)

Here are some of the highlights....

God has really opened some doors for me lately. Given me some rare opportunities to do His work and give Him some glory. How exciting and hard to believe all at the same time!

So....shot a book cover author photo....check. Shot 5 potential presidential candidates....check. Shot weddings, end of life celebrations, seniors, families, babies and more. I'm beyond humbled by the privileges I've been given.

So, hey, God.....What next?!?

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