Monday, March 29, 2010

7 months ago today....

Seven months ago today, I woke up a single lady {"ALLL the single ladies, now put yo' hands UP!" - Sorry....I was channelin' some Beyonce. :0) }....

Seven months ago today, I ended my day a married woman....and have not been the same since.

It really is true, y'all. When you let God handle things and allow Him to direct your steps, He really, truly does bring you more blessing than you could ever possibly imagine. Ever. Sometimes it's huge things that are different and better and sometimes it is the tiniest, little gesture or comment made that makes me realize God really did show up and brought me the man I needed, the man I deserved and the man He made for me. *sigh*

To my adorable husband,

THANK YOU for being everything I ever dreamed of and so much more. Eventually we won't mark these little anniversaries, but I will always, every single day, thank God for you and for your heart. You have healed me in places that I never thought would heal. I know that God actually did the healing, but He did it through you. You make my heart much so sometimes that it makes my chest hurt. I finally see that there is no other "shoe" and I no longer expect it to fall. You are exactly who you say you are....not perfect, but perfect for me. Thank you for the best 7 months of my life to date and for the anticipation of the next 70+ years. With you, I am strong. With God, together we are unstoppable.

I love you from the tip of my toes to eternity. I love you more today than yesterday and can only imagine how much I will love you tomorrow. XOXOXOXO.....


To my AWESOME God,

THANK YOU, LORD, FOR MY HUSBAND. Please keep him safe, give him your wisdom and understanding for each step that he takes. Here we are, Lord. Send us to show the world what you can do when two people follow You and seek You in all things.

Amen and Amen.