Tuesday, August 18, 2009

OH...MY...GAWD...Becki, look at those girls...they are SO big....

Title creatively brought to you by Sir-Mix-A-Lot and his infamous tune "Baby Got Back". Yeah...wait 'til you look below and you'll get what I'm talkin' about.

I'm cheap. Have I told you all that yet? I am. Can't stand to buy the school pictures the girls get taken TWICE a year. I know. TWO times the misery of horrible, posed, never gonna use except for the player cards for soccer, pictures. You know the ones. No offense to any of those people who take school photos but...yuck.

So I have taken matters into my own hands. It's about time. I know.

Yesterday was the first day of school for my kiddos. They are gettin' SO big. Makes me laugh and cry and clap my hands and giggle then cry again.

With this one, my work is almost done here, people. She is a JUNIOR. Yeah, I know. Just last week she was standing in the kitchen butt naked, but for the saggy diaper and her curly white blond hair, I swear.

And when I said..."Hey Y'ALL! Momma wants to run outside a take a few pics of her precious babies!" in my best southern accent, she failed to understand that her paint splattered soccer t-shirt, worn and tattered and lived in would need to be changed for something much more fancy lookin' for SCHOOL PICTURES. Oh well. I happen to think she's gorgeous anyway. 'Cuz she's MY baby.

Corn is so pretty. It is. Just took these while the girls dog piled each other between shots. Thought you might enjoy something farm-ish in this post too. Yep...I'm nice like that.

Oh, my sweet Taylor. My work with this one is headed into its "busy season". She started 6th grade yesterday and is officially in junior high. I seriously would NOT go back to junior high to save my life. And I really like my life but it just ain't happen.

Of all my girls she is the most camera shy. She really just freezes up as soon as I put it to my face. She gives me a goofy smile or closes her eyes...anything to get out of taking a picture. But she is gorgeous. Wish you could see her how I see her....crackin' jokes, laughin', tattlin' on her sisters, trying to be a friend to everyone....even the girls at school who have hurt her. She has learned to love them anyway while guarding her heart. Check out her all natural, God-given mole just below her lip. I so know....very movie-star-ish, don't ya think?

And then comes this kid. Too smart for her own safety, more energy than Alli and Taylor put together, athletic, musically inclined, super photogenic and loves to "pose" as soon as she sees my camera come out of the bag. Carli started 4th grade yesterday and can DO ANYTHING she tries. She is just that girl.

My little corn nuts....
Wow. I really don't have words for the next few other than it's sooooo awesome when I actually get to capture them lovin' each other. :0)
OH....MY....GAWD. Who is their mother?! So rude. Wait. I AM!!!! Hee hee!! LUCKY ME!!!

So our fearless search for the perfect school photo replacement is still in high gear. Just wanted to share round one with y'all. You know....'cuz I can.

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Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Gotta love those Iowa cornfields. Nice, very nice.